An item introduced in the second act of Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo II. It is used to transmute or combine items.

Horadric Cube Transmutations

The Basics

Normal Weapons

Special Items

The Obvious

The Truly Amazing

if you find any more, drop me a /msg. Confirmed transmutations only. No rumors please.
Another word of warning - most of the transmutes to 'random' items are not worth it. And there's no load/save going back in Diablo II.

Even things like 6 gems plus one normal sword is not worth a plain socketed sword. If you use a magical or unique sword in this, you will still get a normal socketed longsword.

The Horadric Cube's most useful use by far is to upgrade gems to perfect gems. In my opinion, when you do get a load of perfect gems, don't exchange them for a Prismatic Amulet. Perfect Skull's and Perfect Diamond's are very good on their own...

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