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The following is a list of steps to prepare a really great garage show. Don’t know what a garage show is? Well, it’s basically just a local concert conducted at someone’s house, a place where a group of friends or even just music enthusiasts can get together and dance, mosh, skank or drink. If you have never been to one of these then you are truly missing out, and should probably host one of your own immediately.

Step 1: Determine and Organize

  • Bands - As cool as one act shows are, you are going to have a greater audience size if you can get multiple bands to play. Also, if you can diversify the genres of the bands you will get larger turnouts.
  • Venue - Pick a house with a large porch/lawn/garage, the number of people you plan to have show up will determine this. From what I've found a three car garage will hold approximately 40 people (A 4-5 person band usually ends up occupying an entire car worth with the microphones, guitars, mixer/PA, keyboard, and drums). If you live a rainy/snowy area, plan to have it a large garage or warehouse, because although dancing in the rain may sound appealing, it inevitably will effect the turnout.
  • Parking - Again, if you plan on having a huge show, plan on having signs telling people where to park and directions on the street corners. If you have someone (parent/sibling/etc.) that needs a designated spot you had best mark it off beforehand, otherwise you may have some trouble later on down the road.
  • Alcohol - This is a tricky one, especially if you or those attending are underage. I find it's easier (on you at least) if you don't make it a drinking event, or wait until after the music has ended to break out the keg. If you do choose to have booze then I hope for your sake that you have talked to your neighbors beforehand (see Step 2, Neighbors), because if the cops show up, instead of telling you to turn it down, they'll start writing tickets.

Step 2: Prepare

  • Advertise – Make some flyers for the show and distribute them wherever you go. Make one side a witty and fun advert with the time, location, and bands complete with cool graphics. On the other side draw a small and simple map of the surrounding area with a clear pointer to the show, and make sure to show which way north is.
  • Neighbors - If you know the show is going to be loud, either call or walk around and inform your nearby residents that you are having the show. A safe bet is to inform everyone within a three block radius. Also, be sure to give them a cell or home phone number to call if they have a problem, this way they are calling you instead of the cops.
  • Drinks and Snacks - Go out and buy some off-brand soda and chips or whatever is on sale, unless of course you are loaded and can afford the good stuff. A two liter and a big bag of chips per 15-20 people should do it.

Step 3: At the Show

Step 4: Enjoy Yourself!

Don’t get too wrapped up in how everyone else likes the show otherwise you will just get all stressed out. So kick back, relax and know that you are super rad for hosting such an awesome event.

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