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A super-hero created by Bernard Bailey for DC Comics Hourman first appeared in Adventure Comics #48 in March 1940.

Hourman was the costumed identity of Rex Tyler, a chemist. Tyler was known for his punctuality and concern with timeliness, so his wag friends nicknamed him "Tick-Tock". Tyler's obsession with time would be further enhanced when he invented Miraclo. Miraclo was a drug that gave the user increased stamina, speed, and agility, as well as super-human strength. The limitation of Miraclo was that its effects would only last one hour. Tyler created a costumed identity for himself and so was born Hourman, the hero on the clock!

Hourman fought crime against the mobsters and thugs in his city. Often times, he fought against evil geniuses bent on destruction. He was occasionally aided in his exploits by Jimmy "Minuteman" Martin and Martin's assistants, a group of boys known as the Minutemen of America.

Hourman went on to become one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America. Unfortunately, he was not a terribly popular hero and so later took a leave of absence from which he never returned. His place and that of the original Green Lantern were taken over in the Justice Society by two new characters Dr. Mid-Nite and the Sandman.

After the original Hourman retired, his son took up the mantle of Hourman and fought alongside the second generation heroes known as Infinity, Inc.. During his time as Hourman, Rick Tyler, Rex's son, discovered that the original formula for Miraclo was addictive in nature and soon he developed a dependence upon it. Breaking his addiction, Rick developed a milder version of Miraclo for him to use. Soon after, Rick Tyler, too, retired from active heroing.

During the crisis known as Zero Hour, the Justice Society members attacked the villain Extant. During their battle, they were caused to age quickly. The original Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite both attacked Extant, but were caused to age even further, killing Hourman and causing Dr. Mid-Nite to have a massive heart attack.

Of late, a highly advanced android from the 853rd century has ventured back to our time and taken up the mantle of Hourman. Originally immensely powerful, the android, which now goes by the name Tyler, has willingly reduced its power in hope of becoming more human.

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