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The 19th tale tells of how Eulenspiegel always rode a dun horse and disliked the presence of children

This is another odd one just like the previous story. The author comes up with a strange description of some of Eulenspiegel's peculiar habits and superstitions. Definitely not one for the "best of..."

Eulenspiegel was always a beggar for company. But in all his lifetime there were three things from which he always shrank.

Firstly, he did not ride a grey horse but always a dun one despite the mocking it brought him. Secondly, he would not stay at a place where there were children because the children, due to their frisky behaviour, got more attention than he did. And, third, he disliked staying at an inn with too generous an innkeeper. After all, such a host does not take enough care of his property and is usually a fool. That was no place to find profitable company, and so on.

Eulenspiegel also made the sign of the cross whenever he came across healthy food, great fortune and strong drink. Because healthy food, wholesome as it may be, was still just grass. He also crossed himself before food from the pharmacy for, although it was healthy, it was a sign of illness. And there was great fortune too. When somewhere a stone fell off the roof or a beam fell from the house people would say: "Had I been standing there, the stone or beam would have struck me down. That's my good fortune." He could well do without that sort of luck. The drink he regarded as being so strong was water. Because water was powerful enough to drive the great wheels of mills, and many good folk met their death in too much of it.

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Translated for E2 from public domain text.

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