The greatest problem in being truly romantic is that all the good ideas are already taken. In order to be truly romantic you need to do something for that special person that is totally and utterly unique. Something that noone else has ever done for them and something that you couldn't do for anyone else ever again. Furthermore conventional standards have also defined what is "romantic", but by the nature of them having become conventional standards they cease to be legitimately romantic and instead become cliched. Getting someone flowers is no longer truely romantic, it's a gesture that anyone can and often does do. It's gotten so bad that I avoid giving my girlfriend flowers for any occasion in which there might be a reason so as to increase the impact of such a spontaneous gesture (" it's a Thursday so I got you flowers"). A quiet picnic for two? Done to death!

When someone has found a way to combine the two and be simultaneously romantic and unique then I'll have to applaud them... and hurt them severely for making it that much harder on the rest of us.

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