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A series of leaflets dropped in Iraq, giving instructions to soldiers wishing to surrender to the Coalition forces.

For a unit of infantry:

  1. Remove the magazines from your weapon
  2. Sling your weapon over your left shoulder with the muzzle down
  3. Raise your arms above your head
  4. Approach the Coalition forces slowly, with the lead soldier holding this document above his head

(Where "this document" refers to the leaflet)

For an armour (tank) unit:

  1. Elevate your weapon's barrel to their maximum elevation
  2. Traverse the gun barrel to the rear.
  3. Leave the tank hatches open
  4. Place your hands over your head and proceed slowly.
  5. Wave a white cloth as an indication of your peaceful intent or wave this leaflet.

For aircraft:

  1. Communicate to us by radio, and announce your desire to join your arab brothers. (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Approach alone in your aircraft, or in single file.
  3. Lower your landing gear, turn on your landing lights, disarm your weapons systems, and fly at a speed no greater than 250 to 300 knots.

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