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Would you woo a young virgin of fifteen years,
You must tickle her fancy with Sweets and Dears,
Ever toying and playing, and sweetly, sweetly,
Sing a love-sonnet and charm her ears---
Wittily, prettily, talk her down---
Phrase her and praise her, fair or brown---
Soothe her and smooth her,
And tease her and please her,
Ah! touch but her fancy, and all's your own.


William Maginn, Miscellaneous Writings, 1855-1857

It would appear that Maginn's poem was a copy of a popular song dating back to the 18th century ("Would ye have a young Virgin of fifteen Years"), with one significant change. The last line of the song is supposed to be:

Ah! touch but her smicket, and all's your own.


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