Why would you want to burn rubber? The answer is rather simple: to show off. It produces a nice squeal and if you're (un)lucky - smoke. Before your proceed two points to remember:
  1. This is dangerous
  2. This might damage your car

With this proceed to find a empty & large parking lot, or anything with a lot of space. You want to make sure that when your car jumps, you have enough space. So here's what you do:

  1. Make sure there's a lot of empty space in front of you (and to the sides too).
  2. Pull up your parking brake.
  3. Put your first gear in. (This trick might work for automatics too but I'm not aware of how to do it!)
  4. Slowly release your clutch and rev the engine. At this point in time you should feel your call lurching forward.
  5. At some point release the clutch. You should now be hitting the gas all the time pretty much.
  6. Release the hand brake.

Your car "jumps" forward while producing a nice black mark on the pavement behind you. You're now known a cool guy (or gal).

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