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There seems to be some rule among snakes that if one sees an egg, one must eat it. You can use this to your advantage. Here is how you catch a snake:

1. Decide that you need a snake. This may be the toughest part.

2. Get two large chicken eggs and find a chainlink fence. Place the eggs on the ground about two inches apart on opposite sides of the fence.

3. Check the fence daily. Here is what you should find: the snake will eat an egg on one side of the fence, slither under, and eat the other egg, thus becoming trapped. You must check daily, or the snake's stomach acid will corrode the eggshell until it cracks, allowing the snake to escape.

4. When you find a snake, determine whether it is poisonous. I do not recommend catching poisonous snakes.

5. Grab the nonpoisonous snake by the head, and lightly crack the egg on the other side of the fence. This will break the eggshell, allowing you to slide the snake out from under the fence.

Congratulations! You now have your very own snake. Remember to be kind to your new reptilian friend. Let him go if you're into catch and release, or if you choose to keep him for a while, check with your local pet store to find out the correct protocol for warmth, feeding, and cage size.

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