I aim this at anyone who feels 'stuck in their head', but dreams of a different life. Listen closely.

Mind is like water, it takes the path of least resistance. A path is like a river flowing from source to stream. If you are avoiding the life you want, your mind is taking a path of denial.

You cannot work through it by reason and thinking, only by experience. Action, not Thought. Learning to find new ways to be happy while you're doing the things that lead you to becoming yourself. It is by Doing that any progress is made.

That's it. Now, Do your Thing. Exercise? Film Making? Painting? Yoga? I don't care what your Thing is, just do it. As in, now. Yes i'm talking to you. Get some momentum going, get out of being centered in your thoughts right now and do it. Get off the internet. But do it with love, and if you're not loving it, move until you find your spot. And if the spot moves, follow it.

If you didn't do anything but think and read after that last passage, you are perhaps living a lie. Is that upsetting to you? Good. The lie upsets you. Now the path is poisoned, which path will you take?

You're distracting yourself and deceiving youself by believing that simply reading words can change you. Have words ever changed you? It has never changed anyone, not in the way you want to change. There are deeper things going on inside you than reason. Words can only change you if they provoke you to action. This is the aim of my words.

I won't let you make this complicated. This is not the time for scientific enquiry. The "explanation" or "reason" or "theory" is irrelevant. This is about you, who you are, what you feel, think and do, and how you would like to change that. There is no use in static systems or theories except to seed the creativity of your approach. What good is a seed if it is not nurtured?

There are no gurus that can teach you to be yourself except by provoking you to action, experience, momentum, awakening.

Thus ends the teaching.
Now go.

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