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I was reminded of this technique while driving back from Thanksgiving dinner. My 4 year old daughter asked, from the back seat, if I would draw her a turkey when we got home. I was shocked to find that her school had neglected to instruct her in the standard method. I suppose there is something to be said for not adhering blindly to conformist art, but I always found this amusing. So here goes:

Directions are given for right handed individuals. Reverse as appropriate.

  • Place your left hand on a piece of paper with the fingers outstretched, thumb at 45° from the vertical.
  • Trace around your hand, include the base of the palm.
  • Draw a small triangle protruding from the thumb outline to the right at about the level of the base of the thumbnail. This is the beak.
  • Draw a wattle under the beak.
  • Draw turkey wings in middle of the palm outline.
  • Draw turkey feet protruding from the base of the palm outline.
  • Decorate as desired.
You could cut out your turkey and paste it into an appropriate scene that you draw: An abattoir perhaps?

Have fun!

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