Please Note: This is a custom made writeup especially for TheBooBooKitty, and not for Gemini. In fact, if you are Gemini, stop reading this now.

Thank you :)

Now. How to pick up hot red headed chicks

Step one: Identifying your target

You may think this is the easy part... and guess what? You're right! Choosing the right hot red headed chick is usually very simple, because there are likely to be less than two in any given location at any time.

Unless she has a twin sister she hates being apart from. Hmm.....

Step two: Sussing her out

At this point you don't actually want to go out with the hot red headed chick. You only want to go to bed with her. Step two helps you work out just how likely either thing is, and if, in fact, she is worth all the bother.

Sussing out a hot red headed chick is more difficult than sussing out almost any other type of female. The reasons for this are simple. Hot red headed chicks are used to being sussed out. 

Every hot red headed chick in the known world will, by the time she is fifteen years old, have heard just about every line in the book. Heard them, and gotten over them. So using a line is probably not the best choice.

The best method to follow in sussing out a hot red headed chick is to be direct, friendly, and, for the most part, honest.

If there is help you can honestly offer her, offer it. Her reaction will help you to gauge whether she is a friendly hot red headed chick, a shy hot red headed chick, a fiercely liberated hot red headed chick, or a cold hot red headed chick. Unfortunately it will not help you establish whether she is a hot red headed lesbian or a hot red headed chick in a committed relationship. That comes later.

If there is no way to offer honest help to the hot red headed chick, try another approach. Whatever the hot red headed chick is doing, and her attitude to it, will give you clues as to what type of conversation starter might be useful with regard to her. If she seems interested and enthusiastic in what she is doing, chose a time when she is not concentrating too hard and make a comment relating to the activity. This might be anything from "Those appliances look as though they are made from silicone.. I find moulded vulcanized rubber far better in wet conditions" to "I like the way they've set the table here. The cloth is such a lovely shade of magenta." You can then use the answer to this comment in the same way you would have used her reaction to your offer of assistance.

Step Three: The Really Hard Bit (no not that really hard bit!)

Not only will the hot red headed chick's type of response to your offer of help, comment or question teach you a little about her, but it leaves the door open for The Really Hard Bit. Having a conversation.

Note: Since this is The Really Hard Bit, you may wish to practice before you try it on a hot red headed chick. Possible people to help you practice are

And these are only a few of the many, many people who can help you this way. Lonely, odd, or ugly people can be especially useful, as they often (but not always) are more ready to converse with anyone than most people.

Even your parents can help you practice Having a Conversation.

In conversations, two or more people generally make statements about themselves and ask questions of the person they are conversing with. An example conversation might go along the lines of:

<Shy Boy> "I like the way they've set the table here. The cloth is such a lovely shade of magenta.

<Hot Red Headed Chick> "Yes, it's nice."

(note that often it takes more than one conversational gambit to get a Conversation flowing properly.

<SB> "It's obvious someone's taken quite a lot of effort to make the table look nice, I mean, look at the lovely flowers! Do you know who arranged them?"

(note: Asking a direct question is often efficacious in facilitating Conversation

<HRC> "No. I don't."

(she's not terribly interested in the conversation, is she. At this point it is vital not to curl up into the foetal position and/or crawl away wishing to die. Rather, try again - this time with an associated statement about yourself)

<SB> "My mother grew flowers in the back yard when I was a kid"

(this statement is fine, but make it a little more interesting by adding something unusual.)

<SB> (cont) "The back yard was totally paved, so she grew them in old milk cartons."

At this point the hot red headed chick is likely to either dismiss you, or to join in the conversation.

If she dismisses you, it's time to forget her for the moment, and go back to practicing your conversations skills with another, less intimidating person.

Once you have got a successful conversation happening, you are through the really hard bit. I would suggest getting to this point on at least six occasions with a hot red headed chick before progressing to the really really hard part. Just like tantra.

Step four: The Really Really Hard Part: Asking the question

Once you are confident of your conversational skills, it is time to Ask The Question.

The Question can be couched in many different ways, some more and some less likely to be met with acceptance.

There is an (activity you feel she would be interested in) in town tomorrow. Would you be interested in seeing it? Perhaps we could go together.

 This is far more likely to be answered with a "Yes, I'd like that" than, for instance

I know you probably think I'm stupid and small and ugly, but would you come with me to see the (aforementioned activity) anyway? Please?

 The first form of The Question sounds self assured. You sound as though you wish to do the activilty, and would enjoy doing it with her. The second makes you sound like a desperate loser - and hey, a guy who can have six successful conversations before going over the edge and asking The Question is no loser, is he?

Congratulations - You have done well.

You may well not get to go out (or to bed) with this particular red headed girl, but you have gained the confidence to go over these steps again and again, until you find a girl who will go out with you, and will go to bed with you, and who will make you want to sing with joy...

Or, of course... you could just walk up to her on the church steps and say

Hello, Hot Red Headed Chick. You are lovely. I've thought you were beautiful since you worked in the bookshop when you were sixteen. Would you let me take you out to dinner?

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