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The best boards are ones that are bought seperately. Almost any board you buy pre-constructed will be a piece of junk, so I suggest you buy it seperately, that way you can choose just what you want in your board. If you are new to skateboarding then check out the nodes on the different gear.
Some stores will put your board together for you, so ask them. If they don't, or if you would like to do it yourself, here's how:

The Gear

First things first, you need a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, deck bolts and griptape. See the respective nodes for what types to buy.

The Griptape

Once you've got your gear, the griptape goes on first. See griptape on how to apply your griptape. Once you've got it on either use your deck bolts or something pointy to poke holes through the griptape where the holes in the deck are. Start by poking up through the holes, then once you have broken through poke back down through it to get the bits sticking out back down through the hole.

The Wheels

If you put the wheels on before putting the trucks on it will make things a million times easier, but first you need to get your bearings in. You put one bearing in on each side of the wheel. There is a ridge in the wheel which will stop them from going too far in, so push them as far in as they can go. Sometimes they will get stuck and require a good banging - but make sure you use something soft and blunt (like plastic) because you don't want to dent your bearings.
Once they are in remove the nuts from the trucks and put the wheels on, then screw the nuts back on. Make sure they are tight enough that the wheels don't move around too much, but loose enough that there isn't any friction between the nut and the wheel/bearing.

The Trucks

The trucks always go on last. Start by putting the deck bolts through the four holes of one side. This is easiest done with two people, so if you have a helper get them to hold the bolts in while you tip the board vertically (or upside down). Put one truck on (the kingpin is facing inwards or you will turn the opposite direction to which you lean) and then screw the nuts on. Make sure they are tight, use a spanner. Repeat with the other truck. Ta-da! You have a brand spanking new skateboard... unless you bought the parts second hand.

Skate hard!

If you want your ride really smoothly, be sure to put a spacer (not rollerblade spacers, they're different) between your bearings, in the wheel. Also, speed washers on the outside of each bearing help a lot. With this stuff, you can tighten your wheels in pretty hard and not have to worry about axle slip or crushing your bearings.

Like the man said, Skate Hard!

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