This is a necessary skill that all should possess in order to help assuage the stresses of society. One should practice often to perfect the technique, which will lead to greater self-advancement.

1. Find a large, open space with no one around.
This can be tough sometimes. High density neighbourhoods and office buildings are the worst choices, because most people tend to associate screaming with danger to their Starbucks travel mugs. If you must, scream out a window towards open air.

2. Take a couple deep breaths. This allows your lungs to filter in oxygen and filter out the dust of apathy.

3. Once you are ready, breathe in as much air and open your mouth as wide as you possibly can.
This step is vital! Without a large opening for sound, large sound cannot leave your system!

4. Sustain your yell for as long as your lungs allow.
Sometimes this can be done in conjunction with clenching your fists or squeezing your eyes shut.

5. When your yell is complete, breathe in deeply again. Your lungs should feel invigorated and fresh.

6. If you still feel stressed, try a different locale, or spinning around in circles while screaming.

This method, when performed properly, should alleviate any burdens or headaches caused by life. Remember that life's little tests are only there to keep your brain from stagnating.

A little air is all you need!

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