And she spake out with a loud voice, and said, Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
Luke 1:42 KJV

Ok, so you are expecting. You may be curious to know just how large the child growing within you has become at any given stage of pregnancy. Wouldn't it be handy if there was a scale based on familiar objects? Wouldn't it be fun if the sizes used could cover the entire gestation from the fertilized egg, also known as a zygote, all the way to his or her birth? I found just such a scale using seeds, fruits and vegetables of different sizes to illustrate the size of a developing fetus. For quick reference I will list the week of gestation followed by the "fruit" that approximates the size of your unborn child. A link will be supplied to the source for professional details beyond the scope of this "at a glance" version.

Week 4
Size of a poppy seed
Week 5
Size of a peppercorn
Week 6
Size of a pomegranate seed
Week 7
Size of a small blueberry
Week 8
Size of a raspberry
Note: From week 8 through week 20, measurements are taken from crown to rump.
Week 9
Size of a cherry
Embryo becomes fetus
Foregut, midgut and hindgut (digestive system) developed
Reproductive organs developed but too early to verify gender by direct observation
Week 10
Size of a kumquat
Week 11
Size of a fig
Week 12
Size of a plum
Week 13
Size of a Meyer lemon
Week 14
Size of a peach
Week 15
Size of an apple
Week 16
Size of an avocado
Week 17
Size of a pear
Week 18
Size of a sweet potato
Week 19
Size of a mango
Week 20
Size of a banana
Week 21
Size of a carrot
Week 22
Size of a papaya
Week 23
Size of an eggplant
Week 24
Length of an ear of corn
Week 25
Size of an acorn squash
Week 26
Length of a zucchini squash
Week 27
Size of a cauliflower
Week 28
Size of a kabocha squash
Week 29
Size of a large butternut squash
Week 30
Size of a large cabbage
Week 31
Size of a bunch of leeks
Week 32
Size of a napa cabbage
Week 33
Size of a pineapple
Week 34
Size of a cantaloupe
Week 35
Size of a honeydew melon
Week 36
Size of a head of romaine lettuce
Week 37
Long as a stalk of swiss chard
Week 38
Long as a stalk of rhubarb
Week 39
Weighs as much as a small pumpkin
Week 40 to 42
Size of a watermelon
How big is your baby this week?-Farmer's market style



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