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Hundred Reasons

Hundred Reasons are one of the few punk rock bands who come from and ply their trade here in the homeland of their genre - the United Kingdom. Hundred Reasons kicked off their musical careers in 1999 when their current members dissolved the two old bands they used to be in, Jetpak and Floor. In 2001 they signed a deal with Columbia Records, and in 2002 they released "Britain's answer to the emo rock invasion", Ideas Above Our Station, to critical acclaim. As with all genres, emo has numerous shades of grey (ranging from the "traditional"-sounding heartbreakers like Dashboard Confessional and Guided by Voices to the band-wagon-jumping Jimmy Eat World and Weezer), and Hundred Reasons land firmly down near the "emo hardcore" end. It hits fast, it hits catchily, and it keeps on hitting. This is emo to funk to, not to cry to.

Hundred Reasons work hard, and they've found both the kids and the press rewarding them for their efforts. They released three EPs between 1999 and their album release, and they played as many shows as possible. One of their demo tapes ended up with Kerrang!, and they managed to affiliate themselves in one way or another with famous names like The Get Up Kids and Understand. When they were nominated for "Best New British Band" at the 2000 Kerrang! Awards, they thought this would be the highest moment of their early career: but they were wrong, because they went on to win the award, beating Muse and Raging Speedhorn. The UK press, including the mainstream NME, was now taking note of their tours and watching them intently. Wining the Kerrang! Readers Poll as "best unsigned band" was surely the last straw, and a record deal awaiting them in 2001. They played with Papa Roach at Brixton Academy then went on a sell-out European tour with Incubus, to the delight of crowds all across the continent.

And here's the thing: they rock live. No shitty fake-American accents, no pretention, just hard work and feeling. By now they're a well-polished outfit with a kicking sound and a competent singer, and all the graft the band have put in shows. Along with the Lost Prophets, Hundred Reasons are Anglicizing that American punk sound, and as well as providing us with solid music today, they're hopefully providing inspiration to the next generation. If you thought emo was all about kids with long hair crying into their shandy, pick up a copy of Ideas Above Our Station sometime. It's so accomplished it doesn't even sound like a debut album, and the mix of elements of emo, punk and hardcore make it strangely addictive. Both fans and the media are excited about their next album, and they'll be at Leeds Festival and Ozzfest this year. After nine years of obscurity and hard work in various guises, Hundred Reasons are here to stay.

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Hundred Reasons

Colin Doran - vocals.
Larry Hibbit - guitar and vocals.
Paul Townsend - guitar and vocals.
Andy Gilmour - bass.
Andy Bews - drums.


One (EP). Track listing:

1. Cerebra
2. Slow Learner
3. Clear

epTwo (EP). Track listing:

1. Remmus
2. Soapbox Rally
3. Shine

epThree (EP). Track listing:

1. I'll Find You
2. Sunny
3. Slow Motion

Ideas Above Our Station (LP). Track listing:

1. I'll Find You
2. Answers
3. Dissolve
4. What Thought Did
5. If I Could
6. Falter
7. Shine
8. Drowning
9. Oratorio
10. Silver
11. Gone Too Far
12. Avalanche

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