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  1. the process of fasting in protest of something or other, assuming that the perpetrators of the protested event care if you starve to death or not.

  2. A very moving song by Temple of the Dog.
Some Hunger Strikes:

1981 - Irish republican volunteers fasted to retain their status as political prisoners. Margaret Thatcher, demanded they be classified as criminals. Ten men died.

1999-2000 - 61 prisoners starved themselves to death in protest against high-security jails in Turkey.

2001 - In Ingushetia 22 Chechen refugees who lived in tent camps conducted a hunger strike. Makhmud Abdulshaidov, leader of the strike went hungry for more than 25 days.

2001 - Bob Schulz, chairman of "We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education" and Roland Croteau vowed to abstain from food until the IRS produced a list of government officials that would meet with them to talk about the fairness of taxation.

2002 - Woomera, Australia a camps where illegal immigrants (including children) are locked up while their asylum claims are processed. 160 of the detainees - including children and a pregnant woman refused all food and water.

2002 - Hildure Runa Hauksdottir, Bjork's mom protested against plans to build an aluminium smelt and hydroelectric plant above Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier.

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