Hungry Lucy is one of a new wave of "trip-pop" or "Synth-Pop" bands coming out of the Los Angeles area. Formed in 1998, the band combines somewhat melancholy instrumentation with the childlike, playful voice of Christa Belle, creating some songs that have more spirit than pop music, and are more memorable than your typical Goth fare. "Not quite happy and not quite sad" seems to be the thread running through all of HL's work; the dichotomy of Christa's voice versus the dark, haunting synths that make up the backbone of the music helps to accentuate both components as well as create a cohesive whole. Enchanting and mesmerizing, Hungry Lucy is almost impossible to describe; imagine Massive Attack and Collide somehow giving birth to a Ray of Light-era Madonna. It's like nothing you've ever heard.

Hungry Lucy began when War-N Harrison (formerly of the band Fishtank #9) was asked to contribute to a Depeche Mode tribute. He asked then-unknown singer Christa Belle to lend her voice to a cover of "Blue Dress", and the two found that they worked together so well that they began creating their own music. In Autumn of 2000, their debut CD, "Apparitions", was released, marking the beginning of a very talented and unique new band.


While Apparitions is a bit rough around the edges and has that obvious "basement tape" quality, Glo is as polished as can be. Both are excellent examples of great songwriting, catchy lyrics, and a unique, unusual synthesis of vocals and instrumentation. Reviews of both coming soon!

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