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Hwarang Do means "Method of the flowering youth" and is Korean martial art considered to be more advanced than Taekwon Do, which in some sort is more of an peoples martial art (Take that as an compliment! Im into TKD myself).
Hwarang Do is based on the principle that all life, each in its own way, develops a defense mechanism for the survival of the species. All things in nature defend themselves. Everything from the lowly sea fish whose colors blend with the colors of the ocean floor to the darting flight of a swalow and the lightning speed and power of a tiger. The human being is one with nature, and it too develops a method of self defense. From the stone age until modern times the human race has developed various techniques in its own defense. But only in the Orient have fighting techniques been elevated to the level of a scientific art, base on the human anatomy, psychology, and the laws of nature. Hwarang Do teaches both the martial art (moo-sul) and healing art (in-sul). If one is able to injure or worse, then he/she should know how to heal as well, once again maintaining harmony through balance of opposites In the moo-sul (martial arts) applications, Hwarang Do possesses both Jung Do (way of the honor and truth - yang) and Am Ja (way of deception - um). As light cannot exist without darkness, so must an individual know both the good and the bad in order to be truly valiant.

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