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In the manga and anime Excel Saga, Hyatt is the second employee of ACROSS. She is very quiet, and is frequently seen drooling blood and dying. In addition to her health problems, she has very poor eyesight without her glasses and she often seems to be rather clueless. In the anime, she arrived in a pod (presumably because she is so fragile) on the Puchu spaceship, and is referred to as the woman from Mars. In the manga, however, she showed up at ACROSS in response to a classified ad and got the job because Il Palazzo forgot to include a space on the application form for pre-existing health conditions. Il Palazzo likes her, as she is usually spared from the trapdoorings that Excel endures. Her neighbour, Watanabe Tooru, is in love with her, despite not knowing her name (he calls her "Ayasugi-san"), or that she works for ACROSS. Voiced by Minami Omi in the Japanese version of the show, and dubbed by Monica Rial in ADV's American version.

Supposedly, there was a note somewhere to the people animating Excel Saga saying "No panty shots allowed"

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