Hymns by Johnny Cash was Johnny Cash's second album with Columbia Records, and was released in 1959. This album was the primary reason Cash left Sun Records in Memphis for Nashville and Columbia Records. When he originally signed on with Sun Records, Cash had wanted to record gospel music, but founder Sam Phillips would not authorize it. After the success of his first country album with Sun (Johnny Cash with his Hot and Blue Guitar) Columbia was eager to sign him, and this album of hymns is the result.

  1. It Was Jesus
  2. I Saw A Man
  3. Are All The Children In
  4. Lead Me Gently Home
  5. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  6. Snow In His Hair
  7. Lead Me Father
  8. I Call Him
  9. These Things Shall Pass
  10. He'll Be A Friend
  11. God Will

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