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Hyperspeed Grandoll is an anime about a young girl named Hikaru that supposedly lives a normal life. She has "normal" parents, normal friends, a normal teenage infatuation with the rock band "Rockin' Dorger", and a normal crush on a normal guy. However, of her normal parents, Hikaru's father is actually a mad scientist that constantly builds her new inventions, but she doesn't think anything of it. Then, when Hikaru discovers a mysterious bird shaped idol that can somehow talk to her, her life really starts to change.

Upon discovering the idol, it kindly explains to Hikaru that she is actually the crowned princess of the planet Gran, and was sent away from the planet when she was young, to protect her from the civil war that was taking place. It also explained that Hikaru's Earth "parents" are simply a couple that found Hikaru's space ship after it had landed on Earth (sound familiar to any of you Superman fans?). All that was just the beginning, though, for the idol has the power to transform Hikaru into the legendary Gran Doll, a powerful warrior, capable of defeating evil.

After Hikaru realizes her powers, she is also made aware of an evil presence that is trying to capture her idol, for with it, the evil force could take over the universe. So, the villains try out many plans throughout the anime to capture Hikaru's idol, including the abduction of the boy that Hikaru has a crush on (how original). But in the end, the power of good prevails.

Overall, the anime wasn't that bad once you get past the fact that it's really just a mashing of Superman, and The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. The animation was okay, nothing special, the story, as I said, was sub par, and the dubbing, well, the dubbing was about what one could expect from a dubbed anime (don't get your hopes up).


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