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I don't know you & you don't know me so I thought we'd split the difference.
There's rapid turnover between friends I've met & friends I've forgot. Mechanics guarantee regulated frequency.
Buddha says most folks are lost & that's birthright. I'll never pull myself together & that's liberation.

Hypothetical letter to hypothetical girl attempts trumping diplomacy.
Free market is hip but I prefer a swap. My friend cut me yarrow & I cut her braids.
Plato secretly loves shadow puppets & Socrates is catching on. Pearls before swine means you're responsible for both our actions.

The library has a lost and found but I only find what others lost & that's a bargain mind you.
Punctuation's proper but who's punctual. If I've arrived late then be somewhere else already.
You're not dead before you're born but feel alive while you're living. Life's no compromise so let's split the difference.

Hypothetical Letter to Hypothetical Girl, or, Seven Allusions in Seven Verses (With Greeting), or, Checking “Coyly Deliver Cryptic Postmodern Love Poem to Cute Stranger” Off My Bucket List, an earlier draft, for the cute girl who works at the diner, I've been going there more and I wish I knew what your hours were.

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