This references back to my node "We are in The Matrix". It means that I am opting-out of the popular culture created by the marketing departments of large corporations, and intend to spend my life as I see fit, regardless of the way I am told I should look and behave by prime-time sitcoms. I'm spending less time watching brain-dead television and listening to manufactured pop music, and more time using my brain to do something productive.

I will avoid and ridicule attempts made by persons or organizations to influence me while they have a stake in my decision. I will do my own research to decide what is best for me, and trust the opinions of similiarly-minded friends over those of the rehearsed testimony of magazines and television. The size of a company is inversely proprotional to the amount of trust I will have for, and patronage I will give to it.

I am jumping off the bandwagon.

I really enjoy everything, as it is a place created by people instead of corporations. Most of the ideas expressed here facinate, amuse, and shock me beyond anything I have ever experienced in the popular culture. Ideas seem more real here. My thanks go to the creators of this site for their creativity and efforts, which allow so many people to archive their ideas.

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