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We all have fears; common, irrational or bizarre things we are afraid of with or without reason. In I'm Afraid, a delightful little book by Geraldine Kosiak, the author explores her fears and illustrates with simple yet charming line drawings. Fears are a part of daily life, but she manages to show both the ridiculousness and importance of these, along with a quirky sense of humor that stirs a recognition.

86 pages long, each page contains an illustration and a simple sentence beginning with 'I'm afraid'. Undeniably, most of the charm in the book is in the pictures, clear, uncluttered ink lines - with the slightest touch of wry humor showing.

I'm afraid too, and this book helps me laugh, sometimes, at the ridiculous things we fear. This is good.

'I'm Afraid' was originally written in french by Geralding Kosiak, and translated by Alexandra Childs. The book was created as Kosiak's final project in her graphic design studies.

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