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This song appears in an episode of Animaniacs. You can say what you will about Warner Brothers, but the music they use in their cartoons is seriously first class.

The cute song (or "I'm Cute", as it appears on the Animaniacs album) is an absolutely brilliant, very smooth Jazz song. The music in the background is a bit shuffle-like, with a muted piano and a double bass being picked, a few clarinets, saxophones, muted trumpets, some string instrument (my guess would be a cello, but it could also be a violin)

My relation to this song:
During one of my band's performances, we decided to goof out completely. I am singing this song dressed in a pink skirt and a pink Mickey Mouse sweater (not funny? Guess you'd have to be there. - Imagine a 6'4 tall guy with a skinned head and sunglasses sing this song). The problem was, of course, that our drummer had trouble keeping the pace, because he was laughing so hard (we hadn't rehearsed this with the singing at all, to be honest - our female lead was supposed to sing, but she got ill)

So there I stand, before about 1200 people (parents and students of a graduating class in Norway), singing this song. Needless to say, we made a few people very very angry, but most of the audience absolutely loved it.

watch out for falling pipe links and other debris

I'm Cute:

Dot Warner:
I'm cute, yes it's true
I really can't help it, but what can I do
When you're cute, it just shows
With these two darling eyes and this cute little nose
and a pretty pink dress,
it's adorable yes,
and when they see my dimples
then everyone says

Oh shoot!
Isn't she cute (cute, cute, oh, isn't she cute, cute, cute)

Dot Warner:
I'm the one they adore
I'm sweet and I'm cuddly
and small just like duddley but more,
It's a chore,
to be constantly cute
and enchanting to boot
with my lips sticking out
in that cute little pout
then there just ain't no doubt
why the guys like to shout

She's a beaut'

Dot Warner:
Let's face it, I'm cute!

cute, cute, oh, baby, she's cute, cute, cute

Dot Warner:
Being cute: A thing you can't hide
If you look up the word in a book there's my picture beside
TV guide
- has me on the cover

Don't you just love her

Dot Warner:
I'm simply a goddess

And isn't she modest

Dot Warner:
I'm the answer to one of the questions in Trivial Pursuit
For who's the most cute

... etc ...

The song continues along the same lines for a while, before coming to a classy scat-singing finale.

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