Found the nodeshell, couldn't resist.

I am a liberal, and I am evil! I will raze the edifice of Western Civilization, and salt the bounteous field of rationality, preventing it from ever again bringing forth the fruits of virtue and progress, and allowing me to erect in its place a tyrannical secularist government of men and not of laws which will celebrate death and ridicule beauty!

I am a liberal, and I am evil! I will send forth my legions of jack-booted storm troopers to forcibly take the means of self-sufficiency and self-defense away from honest and virtuous citizens and distribute them to my corrupt partners in order to fund my international narcotics distribution networks, and to prevent them from defending themselves from the looters who will steal the products of their creativity and effort, so I can subjugate them under the iron-clad boot of the omnipotent total state!

I am a liberal, and I am evil! I will strive to undermine the strength of the military by encouraging the soldiers to engage in New Age rituals and homosexuality so that the satanic minions of the United Nations can destroy the sovereignty of the country and force its inhabitants into slavery under a regime of totalitarian international socialism which will force its subjects to worship pagan gods, embrace feminism, and abandon technology, allowing the Antichrist to rule over a world in the grip of an anarchistic lawless war of all against all!

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