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The last night of 2001, we have a few more hours to go before the ball drops. Everyone decides to go outside, and we follow.

I'd never been in a snowball fight with her, of course I always told her how we'd have one, or a few. How I'd get her one day when she least expected it.

I had her present in my jacket, and the card with the bear on the front. I did not want it to get damaged so I tucked it away in my bag, maybe I'd give it to her later that night, at the stroke of midnight, along with a kiss.

I was the last one outside, and waiting for me was a handful of snow. I ran away with my hood on behind the house, and soon she came around but didn't throw the snow. She dropped it. Maybe it was the way her hair shined and rested on her shoulders, or the glint in her eye. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and it was wonderful. I was in love....I still am.

I playfully tackled her and pinned her on the ground. She was smiling and laughing all the way. We kissed for what seemed an eternity, our breaths were clouds of steam and they slowly rose. My hands were underneath her shirt, resting on her back, keeping them warm. My hands were cold, her back was warm, and she didn't mind. She was happy.

"My turn!" She said and laughed. I got up and we fooled around with the snow for awhile. Soon after she tackled me and rested on top of me.

Her knees by my sides her gaze on my face. She took her gloves off, and I was reminded how cold my hands were. She kissed me for another eternity, my cold hands were rubbing her back so they'd stay warm. I could see the steam rising off of her. I was amazed by her beauty, it was so much to take in, but I loved it. As she pulled her lips slowly from mine she asked..

"Are you cold, Thomas?"

It was obvious I was cold, I was shivering, my hands were numb, and my back was losing feeling from laying in the snow for so long. I was extremely cold, but it didn't matter, nothing did when I was with her.

"I'm cold", I said, shivering and smiling while looking right into her eyes. I was lost in her beauty. A drunken giddiness filled me.

"...but I'm happy."

That's all it took, for another kiss from heaven.

Now I'm in the cold, with no warmth at all.

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