My dog is quite beautiful to look at, and to feel.

Her fur is long, and black, and silky.

And ubiquitous.

There was a radio show I listened to as a child called "The Amazing Adventures of Chicken Man," the catchphrase of which was "It's...dah dah DAH... CHICKEN MAN!!!! He's everywhere, he's everywhere!"
Ebony's fur is like that.

It's on the clean towels right out of the dryer.

It's caught under the feet of the chairs.

It's in the pantry for goodness sakes.

Today, after love, I looked at my lover.
There were long, glossy hairs plastered over his back... and his cheek... and his thighs... and....
well... I’m sure you know where else they were.

So, grinning at one another and plucking strands off each other's skin, we stepped into the shower.

I picked up the soap... and...

You can guess what happens next, can't you?

There was a beautiful, shiny, slightly wavy dog hair on my soap.

I'm having my dog shaved tomorrow.

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