While this could easily stay within the narrow sanctity of E2, I'll shoot for a broader topic.

Anyone can tell I'm not omnipotent. The real gods know I'm vincible. I cry. I come up short. Quite honestly, I'm not that good at a lot of things.

But I'm trying. If I may use a copyrighted meme, I'm fumbling towards ecstasy. I'm crawling towards enlightenment. I fill the hours of my day as tightly as possible with exploration, learning, and growth. I constantly amaze my mother. She teaches very young children, and tries to help each of them develop into the best human beings they can be. I guess she did a good job of that with me. (btw, with Mother's Day coming up, hi mom)

I believe that each an every human on this planet is able to do anything. Absolutely anything. While large groups depress me, I see small groups as one being, a superhuman. The human race inspires me, and I do what I can in turn. My friends compliment me on my intelligence, my emotional stability, my looks (which amazes me, I do not fancy myself a handsome man), etc. And I tell them I don't do anything they don't or can't. And everyone is beautiful to me.

I may never be a god, but who knows? Maybe we all are.

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