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The subject heading for the overwhelming majority of pr0n-related spam I've been getting lately. Every day it seems like there's a new heartfelt apology from someone I've never met waiting for me in my mailbox. Sometimes it's more intimate: "I'm sorry baby!!!" it'll read. Baby? Vas ist das 'baby'? The only person that comes to mind who regularly uses that endearment is Britney "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Spears, and she's done nothing to offend me that I know of, nor does she have my email address*.

I have to wonder about marketing decisions like this. How did they come up with this angle? Do they figure that the recipient will be so baffled that he'll follow the link just to see what the hell "veryverybi@aol.com" is talking about? And then, once he reaches the site, he'll say "Hey! Porn! I don't have a clue as to who VeryVeryBi is or what she did wrong, but porn makes everything better!" Or do studies show that strange women saying they're sorry make guys horny?

* I think.

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