I'm sparkin like a match that's never going out
I'm a flame throwin, pencil shaving, milk drinking riot

I'm engulfed in cherry flavor and live in salt groves

I'm chlorophylistic in my manners, have chocolate on my toes

i stare at books with pictures and frame kittens on my wall

bouncin bouncin bouncin bouncin rubber balls

crooners on tv, water in the spicket, i wanted Willie Nelson, but i wound up Jiminy Cricket

food is on the table, dust in on the wall, trashbag over the universe, trashbag as my doll

better save my paper plates and sell them from a deck

i'm a hip-hoppin, glass wearin, red headed speck

red marks on the calendar for every day i missed

chalk-eating, grass wearing, purple spraying mist

i think my watch is telling me i'm gonna be smashin, i
I want to be a sellout (but do i have the fashion?)

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