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"I've been expecting you" is Robbie Williams second solo album and according to professional critics it's also the best. For once I actually agree with them. It was released the 26th of October in 1998 and entered at number one in the British charts instantly. Let me present you with the list of tracks found on the standard European release:

1. Strong
This song won an award for 'Best Song' at the Ivor Novello Awards.

2. No Regrets
After the success of Angels, Williams felt confident enough to approach his record company and ask to work with "The Pet Shop Boys", this song was the result.

3. Millennium
"Some say that we are players, some say that we are pawns" - Williams openly admits he has no idea what this means, "-it just sounded good".

4. Phoenix From The Flames
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5. Win Some Lose Some
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6. Grace
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7. Jesus In A Camper Van
Because of this song, Williams was successfully sued for plagiarism by Ludlow Music. Jesus in a Camper Van, which seemingly borrowed a line from Wainwright's 1973 song I Am The Way, itself inspired by Woody Guthrie's New York Town. While Wainwright is credited on Robbie's I've Been Expecting You album, Woody Guthrie isn't.

8. Heaven From Here
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9. Karma Killer
Ever known what it's like to really hate someone? This song about Rob's hatred for ex manager Nigel Martin-Smith should help you understand!

10. She's The One
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11. Man Machine
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12. These Dreams
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13. Stand Your Ground (Hidden Track)
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14. Stalker's Day Off (Hidden Track)
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All songs written by R Williams/G Chambers exept Millenium written by R Williams/G Chambers/L Bricusse/J Barry and She's the one written by K Wallinger.

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