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I've got socks
Lots of socks
More than just a box of socks;
Stocks of socks
Blocks of socks
Tending to my flocks of socks
Planes and trucks and trains of socks,
Running off the tracks with socks!!

My socks stand stacked up on the docks
Everyone gawks upon my socks
But woe be he who knocks my socks
Or, dread and horror, mocks my socks
My socks for jocks
And socks for hawks
And socks for every footy fox
And socks for people punching clocks
And socks with locks and locks and locks*
(My Indian name is "talks with socks")

Some folks have got rocks in their socks;
Me, I've got socks in my rocks!!
And that, well that just rocks my socks
(I travel far, yet have no car,
and socks are great for he who walks)!!


*And, no, I have no socks with lox....

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