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Have you all gone crazy?

Okay seriously guys, I'm really getting pretty tired of all the hating that's going on here. I hate red cabbage, I hate bullies. Really you would think that you folks would have something better to do with your time. Like sit and read a book or something, or study the Tarot. You all need to get a life. I thought that no one would go along with this whole thing because amnesiac writes really weird and probably no one would understand him. Honesly I don't think most people do understand and that's why they're doing this.


Example: who was the last really famous successful person who went around hating everyone? I mean sure there was James Dean, but that was just in the movies. I think that a big part of maturity is learning to accept that a lot of people are going to be mean to you all the time. Like when I was in JROTC in high school. I would march out to the school flagpole with two other cadets once a week, raise the US flag and stand and salute it for one minute. Well, one day I tripped on the curb out in front of the front doors and fell and dropped the flag (the flag is NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH THE GROUND because it represents America) and I had to take it back to the chief. And let me tell you that I got yelled at. And he was staring at my eyes as he was yelling which made it even worse. I didn't think that was terribly fair since I'm pretty sure Robbie Bride stuck his foot out under mine and made me fall and then complained that I'd scuffed up his shoes, which got me in even MORE trouble. His girlfriend used to laugh at me a lot.

James Dean died in a car accident.

Anyway my point is actually that love is so much more positive than hate. Seriously think about that for a second. Hate has killed a lot of people, you know. Probably more people than Hitler even. And not only that, you can have health problems if you hate too much. My Aunt Jenny used to hate people a lot and when she was screaming her veins came out of her forehead like little sausages. She was killed during a fire but the doctor said that her heart was about to give out any second and she would have died of a heart attack, had she not been killed in the blaze. She used to put cigarettes out on my palms to make calluses. She said my hands weren't hard enough. Men should have hard hands.

The last woman I touched said my hands felt like sandpaper. I explained to her about the cigarettes and she kind of was nice about it but then stopped returning my calls. Aunt Jenny used to tell me that all women are whores.

God I miss her.

But it's been proven that hate is a form of stress that you bring onto yourself, and as any doctor can tell you stress destroys your organs. Think about how your guts hurt whenever you hate something, which reminds me of something that Stephen King said in his book The Eyes of the Dragon:

(this is paraphrased)

everytime something bad happened Thomas would pretend that his mind was a deep well, and he would lock the bad thing in a box and drop it into the well. When the boxes leaked and poisoned the well the result was what we call madness.
See, I think that what Stephen King was trying to say here is that when you let your hatred overtake you you go crazy. Like when the boxes leak is when you start "leaking" words about how much you hate everything and once that starts you're a goner. The key is to lock the "boxes" up as tight as possible. That way they never leak.


That's why I never talk about disliking things. My chest starts hurting and next thing you know I'm passed out. I find that a nice Victorian poem takes care of that nicely. Or watching A Clockwork Orange even though Stan Kubrick was a little bit nutty. Good thing the future didn't turn out like that with naked people everywhere. I wouldn't want to see my family naked all the time.

I don't want to talk about it.




King, Stephen, eyes of the Dragon, 199x, somewhere in the middle of the book like around page 200.

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