McMaster & James - I Understand from McMaster & James CD

Here I am alone again tonight,
talking to myself...again.
Lately I've been seeing less of you
what's a man to do

I understand that you've been busy
I understand there's not much time
you've always got the best intentions
every single time
and as the hours of the night roll by
just like your alibis, I stop and think
it's not like I don't really know you well,
some times I think I know you better (then you know yourself)

I understand that it's been crazy
and you can't be by my side
you've got the perfect explanation
every single time

if absence makes the heart grow fonder
why do i grow
stronger in my resolve
every day i notice
I'm becoming someone...someone who understands
oh baby I understand

I understand you really miss me
and you can't be by my side
you've always got the best excuses
you're such a creative girl
you always seem to keep me waiting
and now i really understand
that I'm the one who should be changing
and I will never, ever wait again wait again wait again

I understand...I understand...I understand
I used to think you really love me
but now I know you just don't care
Someday when I leave you
I hope you understand

oh yes..i understand

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