Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), once the frequent heavyweight wrestling champion of the WWF and WCW began his life in a 1953 Jamaica Queens, New York two-room apartment he shared with his parents. One room contained their living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, while the other housed a bed for the three of them. Hogan recalls, "It was hard sleeping in that room with my parents until I was 16. Brother, you have no idea how hard that was!" During those first 16 years, Hogan's parents encouraged him to take up wrestling to defend himself against others who picked on him daily.

At 17, Hogan moved to Florida to train professionally. "Florida had everything a dude could want, brother! It had vitamin shops, fresh vegetables, and churches to say my prayers as far as the eye could see! This dude was in Heaven brother! But I had to train hard and keep my eye on the prize; a role in Rocky III!" Soon after his debut in the film, Hulk Hogan's wrestling career skyrocketed. He eventually became heavyweight champion of the world and had fans singing:

I Want to be a Hulkamaniac from the album Hulk Rules by Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band:

I wanna be a Hulkamaniac,
Have fun with my family and friends.
I wanna be a Hulkamaniac,
Have fun with my family and friends.

If you wanna be a Hulkamaniac,
I can sure tell you how to stay on track.
You got to train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins too.
(Especially if they're Hulk Hogan Brand Chewable Vitamins!)
These are the things that maniacs do.

Positive thoughts and postive deeds,
These are the things that make you succeed.
Always be good to your family and friends.
They’re the only ones that’ll be there in the end.


When you’re lookin’ for somethin’ cool to do,
Just pick good friends to be with you.
You better watch out where you are at.
You might be judged where you hang your hat.

Can you feel the music? Can you feel the beat?
You don’t need drugs to move your feet.
When the dealer tries to push on you,
Just tell him what you’re gonna do!


Try to do good each and every day.
Don’t give ‘em nothing bad to say.
Always go swimmin’ with a buddy.
Work real hard and always study.

If you want to be real real cool
Don’t be so stupid and play the fool.
Get your education each and every day.
These are all the things that the maniacs say!



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