"Pop music at its best seems to have a duality. Whenever it's about one thing or the other it's flat, but if it has two opposing ideas, pulling in different directions, it achieves a different kind of power. 'I Will Follow' has both anger, real anger, and an enormous sense of yearning." - Bono

'I Will Follow' is a single by U2 that has just two tracks: I Will Follow and Boy-Girl. It was released by Island Records in October 1980 and produced by Steve Lillywhite. U2 recorded this song at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin. The song I Will Follow also appeared on the album Boy that same year. It has all the normal drums and guitar that is usual for U2, but the song also features a bit of the triangle, which sounds really funky. I cannot claim to know what the song means, as many of U2's songs are cryptic and are about something completely different than what the surface suggests. U2 tends to write songs that have many meanings on many levels. It seems to me though, that the song is about a mother's unconditional love and willingness to support her child in any action. Or perhaps it's about a teen wanting to find an identity, but still afraid to be completely alone.

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