"I am a hollow reed, stress blows through me like the wind..."

This line was a sort of mantra for Cousin Larry in one episode of the classic sitcom, "Perfect Strangers". He was under a lot of stress, and had taken to a sort of bizarre Zen-like practice in order to alleviate it.

Hilarity, of course, ensued when Balki tried to learn the technique, and instead chanted, "I am a Halloween...."

The two were undergoing psychiatric evaluation to preserve their jobs, and Larry thought that they wouldn't pass because of his anxiety. Of course, they came off even crazier than they really were when Larry bickered with Balki over the difference between a hollow reed and All Hallow's Eve.

Being a sitcom, of course, everything turned out storybook-perfect.

Don't ask why I remember this, but I do, and it always makes people laugh in stressful situations.

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