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no puzzle was ever this:

warm flesh over bone and muscle,                                                               some that won't relax,

internal organs- heart beating in the rare moments

when my ear lies against your chest,


steady and when you                                                                                      sigh


I know that you are getting up and moving away again,

I take my heart and stuff it back into my

chest and return to my house

where I can hide when I am not at work,


wander into the surf 

deeper and see what is being pulled                                                        by the weight of the moon

the tide of one part of the house to another,


sometimes I am serious, sometimes silly, and

then the longing starts

over again and

it has not even been a day,

I chastise myself for greed but sleep laughs at me

as I lie in my blue bed and long                                                                 for you,


to open

as an oyster salty sweet juices, it's all so mysterious, unexpected and inappropriate and

each time I find you

I lose you again with my                                                                           next breath






thx for prompts/edits- lizardinlaw

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