Women like assholes, huh? None of us can truly appreciate the nice guy that you are. You just finished another node about some girl. Hours later, you are comforting the subject of said node because her boyfriend forgot their anniversary, stood her up, made out with her older sister, kicked her cat, and bought her the wrong flavor of Ben and Jerry's. You do this because you are a nice guy. This happens to you all the time. Every girl you find yourself attracted to turns you into her personal psychiatrist. I feel it necessary to point out that

we are not all like that.

I don't like being cheated on. When someone cheats on me, they are history. I've done it before and I'd do it again.

I don't like being treated like crap. Sure, I've taken more than my share of it from men in my life. But as I started to grow up a little, I began to recognize the men who behaved that way and avoided them.

I do like thoughtful, sensitive, attentive men. I like men who listen. I like men who let me cry on their shoulder. In fact, I DATE men like this.

So nice guys, perhaps it is time to face the possibility that YOU are only attracted to women who like assholes. Although it is easier to generalize and blame an entire gender, often in recurring problems such as this, fault can be found a little bit closer to home.

Good luck finding a nice girl who will appreciate you, SkiBum5.

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