“I am the red, the white, and the blue. No man cometh to freedom except through ME.”
- The Gospel of Uncle Sam

The Birth of Liberty and Justice

In the beginning, all nations were wrapped in sin and there was no such thing as liberty or justice. The world was heedless, and without hope. Each new country was born tainted with an irreversible red stain of communism, for there was no such thing as freedom to remove that communism. But then, out of this chaos emerged a glimmering light, a savior. And all the righteous peoples of the world rejoiced, for they realized that they did not have to suffer through eternal damnation, that this emerging light could be their salvation.

It was the late 1700s, and the vile, oppressive monarchy (or rather, beastiarchy) known as Great Britain had long been exploiting and abusing the people of an area it was unjustly occupying – this land area was known as “America.” The American people were very righteous – and they knew that America was rightfully theirs. “How dare Great Britain impose the savage, devastating taxes it does!” America cried from the depths of its soul. Indeed, to the left and to the right, malnourished American children were being beaten down and slaughtered in the streets by soldiers of the King’s army. Righteous though America was, and strong though the people were, this land was in utter misery, for it had no effective means of opposing the Nazi-communism of the British.

This situation continued for some time. Hopes were given up, and the proud American colonists soon became resigned that they would be forever stuck with ruthless British tyranny. But out of this blackness emerged from on high the man who would become the salvation of this land, and of the world. From the mighty pillars of red, white, and blue was sent down the mysterious figure known by many only as “George Washington.” George Washington promised to lead the American people to salvation from that enslaving, fascist evil known as communism.

But the oppressive British were very jealous of the powers this man possessed. They immediately sent their red-clad troops upon America, deeming the smaller nation no match for British might. But it was then that George Washington demonstrated his true power by bringing his miracles and blessings upon the American people. “I shall send down my curse and put an end to the greedy, anti-capitalistic Nazis that are the British!” he confidently told the American people.

With the mere power of his breath, George Washington created for the world the gifts of “liberty” and “justice”; and with the mere power of his guns, George Washington miraculously drove out the British and re-conquered the land of America for its righteous owners.

“For America so loved itself that it gave its only begotten Founding Fathers, that whosoever believeth in it should not perish but have everlasting freedom.” - Franklin, 9:18

What Freedom Means, and Why America is Free

To the loyal American patriot, no explanation should be required whatsoever as to what, exactly, it is that makes America the land of liberty and freedom. The American citizen should know that, in our most sacred texts, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it is explicitly stated that America is a free country. Since a true citizen of a free country must never question the freedom of that country (or he will risk losing that freedom), this fact alone should stand for America’s freedom. No additional explanation should be needed on the part of the loyal patriot.

Why must we be patriots in the first place? Because America is the land of liberty and justice, and we must be proud of that. So, therefore, how do we know that America is indeed a free country? Because one of our most precious texts, the Bill of Rights, states that we are a free country.

Unlike some have construed it, the true kind of freedom, as set down in the Bill of Rights, does not necessarily mean freedom in the sense that most people think of the word. True freedom can only be found by unconditionally accepting, and not by questioning the American system; by being obedient to doctrines of freedom laid forth in the Bill of Rights.

Other Nations and Their Deceptive Enslavement

America is the only way. It is the savior of the world. But only those who live in America and are faithful to it can ever be saved. Many nations have claimed they can perform the work of America, but they are lying imposters. Only the All-American citizen can ever hope to be blessed with American virtues such as justice and democracy. Other nations can be very deceptive with their foul tricks. They may try to trick you into thinking that, maybe, their nation is also a free country. Let us dispel this communistic myth once and for all! America is the only way to freedom.

Canada, for example, claims to be a free country (we refer to it here as a “country,” although it is better described as a slave-province of Great Britain), and yet in any Canadian household you will see Canada’s savages cowering before their altars to the Queen of England, and toasting her health at the dinner-table. Here in America, by contrast, we are free. Our lives are led under the guidance of such democratically-elected leaders as our illustrious George W. Bush, who was chosen by the people themselves rather than by some elite institution.

Great Britain, too, would like to pretend that it can compare to the American ideal, but we know that to this day the country lies beneath the boot of an oppressive monarch who orchestrates the appointment of puppets like Tony Blair to try and shift the attention away from her bloodthirsty habits. We parted ways with England for a reason, so let us not fall into their evils by pretending that this brutal monarchy has a level of government that can compare with the American ideal.

Observe the conditions of any country elsewhere in the world. Japan is so far within the depths of savagery that they don’t even have their own militairy! Switzerland, which claims to be a highly “developed” nation, has more avalanche deaths per year on its own than the entire (notoriously primitive) continent of Africa (CIA World Factbook, 2001 data)! China is especially devoid of freedom, since the average Chinese citizen spends long hours manufacturing consumer products in large factories belonging to corporations like Nike and Pepsi-Cola. In America, by contrast (because of our clearly superior capitalist system), we spend most of our time buying these types of consumer products, and rarely ever resort to the enslaving practise of manufacturing things of these sorts. As this seems to clearly indicate, the Chinese – and, in fact, all the other nations of the world - have things completely backwards!

“’Follow America, for it is the only way’ spake Uncle Sam. ‘Follow America, and take warning that those who do not follow the American way, who do not live in America and accept the superiority of our nation; will be forever doomed to burn in the Lake of Red Fire -- communism!’”

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