When I romanticize about my homelife as a child, I specifically accentuate that my mother was a good-natured and well intentioned woman. As to ensure that my fragile little mind would not become polluted with sex and violence, she regulated what television content I could consume which meant that she had mainly purchased several dozen animated movies and would play them whenever i became irritable or fussy.

Amongst this VHS collection were prominently Disney feature films. Being a woman who went out of her way to instill parental involvement during the early formative years, she would often sit with me and also watch. Timeless classics like Pinocchio, Cinderella and Bambi would seep into my and her unconscious.

This is why my mother decided to move away and live a life of less by making furniture in Santa Cruz. Most of Disney's films depict single-parent situations and/or tragic parental deaths. During my teenage years the resurgence of Disney animation didn't stray from this trend: The Lion King whose James Earl Jones-powered Mufusa is killed by a power-seeking Jeremy Irons, The Little Mermaid where King Triton assumably polishes his trident alone at night, Aladdin -- shouldn't a sultan have a harem of wives? Never was there a healthy and happy family unit. Disney implanted the seed and has caused the elimination of the archetypical american family. And mine.

If Walt Disney is truly frozen, somebody should thaw him out and kick his pristine corpse directly in the face.

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