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Ok so I'm thinking ADHD is a stupid name for the situation because it's not just about attention spans, it doesn't always involve hyperactivity, and calling it a disorder makes it sound like it would be a problem in all contexts.

All the DSM did was slap "hyperactive" onto a description that already sounds like a judgment coming from an exasperated school administrator. It sounds like the whole thing was first thought of entirely in terms of how it makes a school child disobedient, which is probably not far off the mark because I used to think of it entirely in those terms and sneer at the kids who had it because I followed everyone else in framing it as a moral and behavioral issue so maybe that's why I didn't look into my own situation for 25 years or maybe because the available psychiatric literature wasn't gonna help me anyway until certain people pulled their heads out of their asses.

If you wonder why my essays run on so long here it's because I'm really interested in writing essays and I get enough feedback here that this place provides me enough mental stimulus that I only really post here and on Facebook because I barely ever finish anything, at all, unless I have some kind of feedback.

For all else, I am not disobedient. I am disobedience.

Which would probably get me arrested in short order if I had to speak to a police officer about anything because I'm enough of a haphazard mess that I would probably have left my ID at home when they ask for it and they're trained to respond to disorderly conduct by escalating into being overwhelming which means I would mentally shut down like I usually do when I am overwhelmed and they would take that as a sign of deliberate disobedience which is apparently something cops like to arrest people for and now I know why little black kids keep getting arrested in schools because asking a cop to handle an unruly child is like asking a steamroller to handle bread dough because kids are naturally disobedient because they haven't learned how to listen to anyone yet so whoever decided to let police officers handle unruly children is probably out of other options because their teachers are already overwhelmed and their schools have no real resources and oh by the way, guess who tends to get shoved into the worst situations around here.

This is also why adults with mental disorders of all sorts get shot by cops because cops are trained to escalate and that is precisely the opposite of what someone in a mental breakdown needs even if they're waving a knife around. I might not get shot but I would probably get arrested. And then tossed into a sex-segregated instutiton and cause even more problems because I am not sex-segregated so I can't NOT cause problems there so fair warning, if you want me to serve a prison sentence it means you want me to disappear forever or at least until I'm finished tearing the walls down.

So with that in mind

1. Don't call 911 to deal with someone's mental breakdown

2. Don't call the cops to deal with children

3. Don't call the cops for anything unless someone's actually breaking the law in front of you

4. You know what maybe don't even call them unless someone has a weapon pointed at you

5. Don't speak to cops because they're always looking for a reason to arrest someone and anything you say can and will be used against you

6. Where was I oh right don't tell someone with ADHD to "get interested" in something because it's not fucking happening.

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