A truly wonderful phrase. Extremely versatile, it can be used in almost any situation. I find it most handy in describing tiredness, or lack of lucidity, but can be screamed at any time in order to get attention or confound the squad of assassin monkeys coming after you.

Also the name of my first alcoholic creation.

In a large glass (the larger it is, the less alcohol you'll taste) mix:

1-2 shots vodka
1-2 shots rum
1 shot Galliano (my favourite) or other licorice-flavoured drink.

Fill glass with equal amounts of orange and cranberry juice.


Shout "I can't feel my legs!" (You won't)

This is best served to people already slightly inebriated, as they won't stop to smell how much liquor is in it. Guaranteed to get a party rolling. (Do not serve to people with low alcohol tolerance)

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