I wish I could recall the details

but they have faded away 


it is an idea that I recall 

without specifics


It is a movie I saw several years ago 

that had actors I can see the faces of 

but cannot remember their names 


lyrics to a song that I can sing from memory

but lack the title or the name of the band:

those type of things


I think we were at a friend's house

or  at a restaurant or on campus

on a bench


It was probably in the morning

but could have been late afternoon

with shadows creating just the right mood


Does it matter where I told you?

She asked later, stating the obvious because

it was clear I didn't grasp it.  yet.


No, I said,  

no it doesn't.


The only thing that mattered is that it happened and 

that it only mattered to one of us.

















thanks to hamster bong for the title 

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