She said, "Take me anywhere far away from here and quickly, and I will bloom."

So I hurried.

We were living in Seattle still; this was springtime with the butterflies and rainstorms.

It was cold and wet outside and much too unpleasant to be out in the weather so we were inside, playing her old Nintendo--the first one, when it had good games.

So there we were, cramped up in the apartment for days on end because it just kept raining, munching on Doritos and playing Super Mario Brothers and she let her head fall exhausted into my lap.

I thought, “I cannot believe this.

I just wanted to lie like that forever.

She said, “..... ” I don’t remember what she said.

“No, no, no,” I just wanted to say, “Kate, shut the hell up, listen to me, I love you. Stay like this forever. Right here.”

I didn’t.

I said, “Uh huh.”

We are in market for the third time this week because she likes it there.

And here she is all bound up in trying on gypsy scarves and Indian necklaces.

She says, “Does this bring out my eyes?”

I say, “Kate everything brings out your eyes.

I want to say, “You’re beautiful, okay.

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