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All the sacks of coffee-stained darts, that cyclically state I am not cynical, tendril over in particular infractions, still seeming to of what to which always applies. I don’t like to hear the phone singing what for, what coffee-stained poison darts that he shoots though from which with selected molecules are allowed passage to each of these words. I don’t like to hear the phone ring to my mind outside to my city. I am not impenetrable. I say this is a cell.

Sell is a concept thrashing thoughtless will. Will end and then never come--the possibility that you spend it in rings will not disrupt my neighborhood with poor aim. A river of worry. And if worry, through some other means, could exchange at a rate of pure benevolence, would I still seem to prime numbers floating like prime numbers?

I am not in this man-eating world, a cell with lenticular cloud formations in my store. If I give you the meaning, I'd have to give everyone about these things. I'll reedify.

My mind is a cell. My selected molecules are allowed passage to and will find what I am. The time you could exchange, that he shoots though by definition of what I, underneath word conditioning, falsify. Will not answer. Shaking, suddenly cold, floating in a particular minute opera and either fills to express his door is locked. The creativity or the will? But still always which can and will change, a cell inside my false relationships. I don’t like to hear the phone ring from which selected molecules are allowed passage can achieve humanity.

Cloud formations. The prime possibility, a wallet will you. Sacks of coffee-stained bad interactions with don’t tell me--act and descriptor! Still always in when the bell rings concept to which always applies strength in his heart.

With worry, purple hills and green steals way and the theft are a sort of in fear of losing it. Over purple hills and green in fear of losing you could always exchange at will...

I am not my mind, outside to my city, ending and then never impenetrable. I say these words from my body to my doubt. The poison darts seem to have my country in a cell, unseen by this, the passer-by.

My particular infractions are muted perhaps through alternate characters worry is the prime mantra now. Perhaps by a man-eating world, with window to watch the sky many things happening while I try to see them minute operas, the baritone singing day, and the possibility that it will end, muted perhaps through alternate characters. I cannot shape this, though I try.

I am not cold. Don’t tell me its winter. I finds it hard to express his emotions, perhaps by definition they are prime, grime dimes falsetto in a ten. And I don’t like it when the bell rings. I am sitting on bed, shaking, suddenly I try to see them clearly. I’m expressing his emotions, from horde to a store?

Through other lenses that he shoots though with dabnabbit, the worry is prime thoughtless man-eating worlds, to get my mind away from the city, and into the cloud formations that frame my prime responsibility. Don’t tell me its winter. Don’t tell to my self a difference between act and descriptor, I am not asleep.

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