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Grass is something we humans share a long history with. The climate suitable for most grasses is the same climate that is suitable for you and me. Our first excursions into agriculture were likely centered around grass. Cereal grains: wheat, millet, rye, rice. All over the world humans have coexisted with grass since we have been humans. But I don't like grass.

There are some climates where grass does not grow. Not all nice and green like we are used to seeing. But we live here. We have air conditioners and air tight homes. And maybe it is something psychological. Maybe it is something buried deep in our minds. Whatever the reason is, we brought this idea with us. This idea of having green grass surrounding us. And somewhere along the way it got mixed up with our need to avoid the pathogens that come along with tall grass in urban areas and we decided that short, green, trimmed and fertilized was the way to go. And it became an obsession. The shortest, greenest, most manicured and chemicalized lawns began to represent our ideal. Ideal what? That question we maybe don't explore. Maybe because we don't want to think that we are addicted to control. And when you don't have it at work and when you don't have it at home and when you don't have it in society you can have it in your lawn. All short and green and square.

I don't like grass.

I don't water it. It doesn't grow. Not here. That's how it was before I got here and that's how it will be when I am gone.

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