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Such a simple phrase can reflect so much, even while stating the obvious.

I don't see like you: I have my own beliefs, thoughts and ideas toward religion, government, art, existance, beauty, the universe, the world as I know it, my inner world, passion, dreams and beyond. You have yours which are not the same, and that is absolutely fine by me.

I don't see like you: my perception of the world is entirely different, a common object looks different to me and is at a different angle then what you perceive. In the clouds I see the art of nature, in the clouds some see nothing but clouds.

I don't see like you: which promotes discussion, debate, new ideas developed, stimulates thought and mind.
freeborn: I was merely trying to convey that no two people see things in the exact same way. I was expressing it in terms of individuality, open mindedness, and a willingness to learn. I don't view it in a negative way as the person who created this nodeshell might. I was not attempting to say that different ways of seeing was bad and that I don't like people who see things differently then me, on the contrary, I encourage people to exchange different thoughts and ideas, not to fight, but to learn.

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